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Home Inspection Before Buying

  Yes! You Need a Home Inspection Before Buying. Hire Us for a Home Inspection for Buyers

Do you know how important it is to have a home inspection before buying? You might think that a home inspection is something that you can pass up if the home looks good. However, many people have learned that looks can be deceiving.
Without a good home inspection, you might miss serious defects within your home. You might not notice that the foundation is cracked or that the property has mold or other signs of water damage. You might not notice hidden damage that needs to be fixed before you can live in the property safely.
Echelon Inspection Professionals has the goal of providing you with the best quality inspection services for a fair price. We offer home inspection for buyers of commercial properties, private residences and multi-unit buildings. We work hard to make sure that the property you buy is exactly what you expect.
There is never a good reason to go without a property inspection prior to purchasing a home. If you forgo the inspection, you may find that your property has more issues than you ever imagined. A quality home inspection gives you something to negotiate with and can help you know if this the right property for you. If there are significant problems, you may want to walk away from the purchase. Our inspectors are experienced with a minimum of 5 years, and work with contractors who have experience in the industry. To learn more about us, contact us at (888) 673-7791. We would love to talk to you about setting up a time for a home inspection, so you can be sure of your offer and purchase.

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